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Due to the wide variety of services available through NetClient CS, we've marked the services we currently are providing to you. We do not offer all of the services listed in the brochures, videos, or walkthroughs. We are taking our time to help navigate you, securely, into the new cutting edge technology of today's world of Tax Prep & Accounting! We may add more in the future.


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2020 Economic Impact Payments &  

2020 Tax Form 1444 for Tax Returns!


FOR HELP WITH WEB ORGANIZER DOCUMENT UPLOADS; size and types, please follow the links below...

*NOTE: Please, try to stay away from uploading any ".HEIC" files, as they are a newer format of image that isn't easily recognized by our software.

Info on How-To Attach Files to your Web Tax Organizer

Acceptable File Types & Size Limits for the Web Organizer Attachments


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